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        1. MODTRAN6

          MODTRAN software produces integrated transmission and radiance at the sensor along a line of sight from all sources including cloud and aerosol scatter. MODTRAN models include fully featured atmospheric transmission, reflection, refraction and absorption of light. Millions of MODTRAN calculations can be run and used to produce a realistic multi-color scene simulation or remove atmospheric effects from multi-color remotely sensed imagery.

          技術特點:       1、Solar, lunar and emission sources 2、Sensor color / IR response characteristics 3、Layered gas model parameters include standard & user defined vertical profiles 4、Localized gaseous chemical clouds 5、Aerosol and cloud model profiles & multiple scattering effects 6、Flexible geometry inputs include source & sensor positioning relative to earth GPS coordinates


          ? UV/Visible to Long wave Infrared wavelengths

          Spectral resolution from 0.2 to 15 wavenumbers

          ? Standard atmospheric gas and aerosol profiles developed by the US Air Force
          ? User defined profiles and radiosonde profiles accepted ? Hundreds of material reflectance spectra and BRDF models of surface reflectance 

          ? Band model approximations to spectral lines for fastest calculation speed

          ? Line-by-line model for highest narrow line accuracy

          ? Parallel processing enabled 

          ? Complete, Modern Application Programming Interface (API)

          For further information,Please visit  this website: www.spectral.com


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